Effective Teaching Methodologies (Online Delivery)

9-12 April 2017, Maldives
In-Country Program

| Program Focus |

TVET system in Maldives is a demand driven, accessible, beneficiary financed, and quality assured system that meets the needs of society and economy. However, the sector and system is at its infant stage, and is in an immense need for capacity building of the standard writers, trainers, and assessors especially in the area of competency-based training and assessment. Being comprised of islands scattered in the Indian Ocean, online delivery is the ideal method of reaching the communities in the islands of Maldives. The concept of competency-based training and assessment is quite new in Maldives, and hence acquiring knowledge and expertise on delivering TVET training online will be a huge asset for sustaining and expanding TVET system in Maldives. This delivery system may also be used as benchmark and model for countries or communities having the same topographical set-up as Maldives has.

| Objectives |

The objectives of the In-Country Program are to:

  1. Ensure TVET trainers and assessors get the much-needed knowledge and skills for delivering TVET training online while improving the nation’s local labor force participation rate by linking training to career development
  2. Increase the quality analysis and assurance of the competency-based assessments carried out thus enhancing the quality of TVET systems and getting greater acceptance in the society
  3. Assure the trainers and assessors that they are getting the relevant skills and personality development

| Key Components |

The main contents of the program are:

  1. Blended learning including special lectures and video presentations
  2. Developing teaching and learning methodologies with web-based media resource
  3. Hand-on practice on development of online media
  4. Computer sessions and experience sharing
  5. Group tasks, project work, and presentation

| Target group |

Thirty (30) participants composed of trainers from different TVET institutions and employer-based training coordinators in Maldives

| Collaborating Partner |

TVET Authority – Ministry of Education, Maldives