Sharing and Learning on NVQS and TVET in the Region

6-10 March 2017, Nepal
Regional Program

| Program Focus |

Council for Technical and Vocational Training (CTEVT), an apex body in the TVET sector in Nepal, is committed for the production of technical skillful resources required for the nation. However, the resources of CTEVT is not sufficient to cope with the demands of TVET in Nepal; it has to mobilize the private and community organizations. In this context, sharing and exchange of ideas and expertise with national and international institutions are vital in human resource development in CTEVT and Nepal. Tapping CPSC as its partner for this endeavor, the program intends to meet the needs of not just the local workforce demands, but of the region. This program should serve as a platform and benchmark for the Nepal Vocational Qualifications System (NVQS) in establishing its programs, and achieving its goal in increasing workforce skills and competency, and utilizing these for the country’s economic growth and development.

| Objectives |

The objectives of the Regional Program are to:

  • Determine various approaches and innovations on NVQS in TVET
  • Share and learn best practices and models of NVQS in TVET
  • Explore challenges and opportunities in NVQS in strategic planning and management of TVET institutions
  • Involve national TVET experts in sharing and learning on NVQS
  • Familiarize TVET institutions in quality management models recognized globally

| Key Components |

The main contents of the program are:

  • Discussions and exchange with the region’s TVET policymakers, partners, and stakeholders
  • Site visits on different TVET institutions in Nepal
  • Theme paper presentations
  • Sharing of local quality management among country representatives

| Target group |

Policy makers, managers of TVET institutions and experts on National Vocational Qualification Systems.

| Collaborating Partner |

Council for Technical and Vocational Training (CTEVT), Nepal