Industry-Academia Collaborations and Partnership

17-18/ICPMMR |
7-11 May 2018, Myanmar |
In-Country Program |

| Program Focus |

Industry-academia collaboration is increasingly becoming the most important features of TVET in its orientation towards development of workforce in the world of work. The changing scenario demands updating of technical personnel with the latest technology and machines being used in industry. The partnership between industry and the institute is therefore necessary to make TVET relevant to the demands of industry. It has been widely accepted fact that intensive interaction between TVET institutes and industry is essential to enhance the quality and relevance of education and training in the new era of education. In this perspective, there are many initiatives taken recently to improve quality of TVET programs. Industry - Academia collaboration and partnership has received particular attention in most countries, and there is a general trend in the region to move closer to industry. Developing linkages with industry for producing suitable work force needs to be part of the Myanmar broader objective, which is required in linking public and private sector in a systemic TVET reform process.

| Objectives |

This in-country program is anchored on the following objectives:

  • Elucidate the significance of Industry-Academia Collaboration & Partnership in the new-age workforce development in TVET
  • Comprehend innovative models and approaches of Industry - Academia Collaboration & Partnership
  • Design an inclusive scheme on Industry-Academia Collaboration & Partnership for TVET system
  • Prepare an action plan to have a special vision for Industry - Academia Collaboration & Partnership in TVET system

| Key Components |

The main content of the program are:

  • Special Lecture and Theme Paper Presentations
  • Case Studies
  • Individual and Group Tasks/Assignments
  • Presentations and Experience Sharing
  • Field Visit
  • Cyber Lectures

| Target Group |

20 principals, vice-principals and department heads from the institutes under DTVET

| Collaborating Partner |

Department of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (DTVET) – Ministry of Education