Administration and Management of TVET

24-28 April 2017, Mongolia
In-Country Program

| Program Focus |

For TVET institutions to execute their role effectively and to get to a projected future, everyone in the organization needs to get involved and work as a collective body which calls for a sound administration and management on the part of leaders, administrators and managers. It is crucial for them to see the importance and urgency of their roles to better understand the priorities as well as the differences between the big picture and the little details especially in managing TVET. Management of TVET concerns about plans and actions which should be complemented with administration that involves framing policies and setting of objectives.

As the VET institutions in Mongolia welcome their new directors, CPSC together with the VET Policy Coordination Department under the Ministry of Labor offers this In-Country Program that will elaborate administration and management of TVET. The central thrust will be to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage through prudent and robust TVET administration and management in the implementation of both short and long-term strategic directions for the institutions by strengthening them.

| Objectives |

At the end of the program, the participants will be able to:

  1. Identify issues in TVET management and administration that need to be addressed
  2. Recognize and understand the crucial role as TVET managers and administrators
  3. Identify the information that must be collected to help make sound decisions
  4. Prepare action plan for strategic administration and management of VET directors’ respective institutions

| Key Components |

The main contents of the program are:

  1. Issues in TVET management and the crucial roles of TVET managers and administrators
  2. Strategic administration and management information needed to arrive at sound decision-making
  3. Action plan for strategic administration and management for the VET directors’ respective institutions

| Target group |

Thirty (30) new directors of VET institutes in Mongolia

| Collaborating Partner |

TVET Policy Coordination Department, Ministry of Labor, Mongolia