Generic and Life Skills for Lifelong Teaching and Learning in TVET

15-19 May 2017 (TBC), Fiji
In-Country Program

| Program Focus |

Generic work-related skills belong to the emerging critical skills, as these enable people to adapt in various situations of work besides the job-specific requirements. Part of the dynamic world of work, employability now involves not only being excellent in a skill set that you have mastered, but also having generic and life skills. Employees now prefer potential employees who have not just technical skills, but also personal skills and qualities such as communication skills, flexibility, ability to work with a team, self-motivation, being responsible and good time management skills. These are critical factors as well in the holistic development of students. Thus, it is important that the curriculum and teaching and learning resources and the TVET officers are able to be trained and made aware of these concepts in their work in TVET. As the Ministry of Education is working on promoting entrepreneurship education, the need for strengthening the awareness and need for non-technical skills is very important, and needs to be integrated in the Technology & Employment Skills Training (TEST) subjects and curriculum in secondary schools.

| Objectives |

This in-country program is anchored on the following objectives:

  • Appreciate the concepts and principles of generic and life skills in the context of TVET systems
  • Acquire competencies in various generic and life skills and practice the utilization of these skills
  • Establish a suitable generic and life skills development program for the students in TVET

| Key Components |

The main contents of the program are:

  • Generic and life skills concepts and principles
  • Development of generic and life skills
  • Project work and action planning
  • Skills most employers prefer

| Target group |

TEST officers, staff of technical colleges, training officers from relevant ministries and departments of government

| Collaborating Partner |

Ministry of Education, Heritage & Arts, Fiji