Role of TVET in Social and Economic Development

15-19 May 2017, Singapore
Regional Program

| Program Focus |

Aimed to challenge participants to rethink and reform their current Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) systems, this program, in collaboration with the Singapore Cooperation Program-Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Singapore Government, will focus on how institutions and organizations use TVET as an instrument to advance social and economic transformation. It will also share Singapore’s TVET development experience, using the Whole-of-Government as the main concept in showing how the country aligned TVET in its socio-economic goals.

| Objectives |

The objectives of the Regional Program are to:

  • Create awareness and knowledge amongst participants on how TVET can contribute to the social and economic progress of a nation
  • Share Singapore’s experience in aligning and utilizing TVET with and in their socio-economic goals
  • Gain onsite appreciation of TVET in Singapore, and be equipped with possible action plans to adopt and adapt to their own institutions

| Key Components |

The main contents of the program are:

  • Dialogue sessions with Singapore’s TVET policymakers, partners, and stakeholders
  • Visit in TVET campuses and educational institutions
  • Theme paper presentations
  • Sharing of participant’s learning journey and action plan

| Target group |

Senior education officials in charge of TVET development and principals of TVET institutions

| Collaborating Partner |

Singapore Cooperation Programme, Technical Cooperation Directorate, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of Singapore