Developing Organizational Excellence through Accreditation

1-5 August 2016, Thailand
Regional Program

| Program Focus |

The Regional Program aims to address the growing demand for recognition of TVET institutional qualification. As the effectiveness and quality must not be compromised to be able to sustain the growth and development TVET is experiencing specially in the region, various initiatives are being established, such as the development of an effective TVET system thru accreditation and certification of institutions. The essence is to provide education and training of quality and encourage all to aspire for excellence. TVET administrators and managers are required to bring innovations in educational policies and processes, and their firm implementations amidst building TVET excellence through a well-structured accreditation system.

| Objectives |

The objectives of the Regional Program are to:

  • Discuss and demonstrate the concepts and philosophies associated with the development of a culture of excellence in organizations and institutes
  • Demonstrate the importance of strategic planning as a tool to chart the institution’s future goals and communicate its priorities to its stakeholders
  • Showcase some of Thailand’s best practices in accreditation, quality assurance and organizational excellence, as well as the challenges and lessons for other countries to learn and take into account
  • Create a discussion opportunity and experience sharing for the member country representatives aimed to exchange relevant information on how to enhance quality assurance offerings in TVET for their own countries
  • Create a culture of organizational excellence and mindset for the participants to apply not only on their own jobs but to their subordinates and stakeholders

| Key Components |

The main contents of the program are:

  • Discussion of the concepts and philosophies in organizational excellence
  • Theme paper presentations
  • Intensive discussions regarding the challenges and opportunities for Regional Accreditation among TVET institutions
  • Site visits to the headquarters of OVEC in Bangkok and some private TVET colleges
  • Preparation of a system development plan integrating accreditation to TVET management

| Target group |

TVET administrators, principals, and managers from member countries of CPSC

| Collaborating Partner |

Office of the Vocational Education Commission (OVEC), Ministry of Education, Kingdom of Thailand