Experts Meeting for the Corporate Plan 2018-2023: CPSC as a Catalyst of Change

2017EC |
20-21 September 2017, CPSC, Philippines |
Consultation Workshop |

| Background |

The new Corporate Planning exercise began in March 2017 with the process of environmental scanning which involved the assessment of emerging program needs and trends. Survey questionnaires were sent to the CPSC member countries to collect data needed for the next phase. The second phase was conducted on July 13, 2017 with the holding of the National Consultation Meeting and Workshop (NCMW). This process brought together 12 participants coming from the different technical institutes, agencies and higher education ministries in the host country, Philippines. The wealth of experience and wisdom of the diversity of the participation drew rich ideas that evolved a national viewpoint of CPSC as an international and regional center on human resources development for technician education and training. The goal of this exercise was to provide an initial review of the achievements and highlights of the CPSC Corporate Plan 2013-2018, communicate the upcoming trends identified by CPSC and its member countries through its training needs assessment exercise and formulate an initial draft of the CPSC Corporate Plan 2018-2023 draft vision, mission, strategic goals and objective statements.

The whole exercise was a productive endeavor for CPSC as it generated four sets of VMGOs for the next phase of reviewers, which will be composed of experts and administrators from the CPSC member countries, to deliberate upon in a venue called the Experts Meeting (EM).

The Experts Meeting was organized to further provide another opportunity for CPSC to tap the inputs from its stakeholders by engaging TVET experts to deliberate, plan and decide CPSC’s future direction. Through the inputs from the NCMW and training needs assessment surveys as well as additional inputs such as the program impact results and corporate strategy survey, the experts are expected to come up with a document that will fully synthesize these inputs into a clear, concise and realistic document that will serve as CPSC’s guide in addressing the needs of TVET in its member countries.

CPSC CorPlan 2018-2023
The CPSC 2018-2023 Corporate Planning Process

| Objectives |

The participants are expected to:

  • Review the VMGOs formulated by the participants of the NCW and decide on a draft vision and mission
  • Draft the strategic goals and objectives that CPSC should pursue in the next five years
  • Deliberate on the emerging institutional issues that CPSC faced in the past five years
  • Deliberate, decide and plan CPSC's program offerings and services based on the results of the program impact and corporate strategy surveys, as well as its list of programs and service offerings for the next five years

| Participants' Profile |

The participants of the meeting are composed of selected experts of TVET from the CPSC member countries, as well as former members of the CPSC academic pool. Representatives from organizations and industries will also be invited.

| Meeting/Workshop Strategies |

To achieve the objectives set forth, the following strategies will be employed on a consultative nature:

  • Theme paper presentations on the following:
    1. CPSC Corporate Plan 2013-2018 Achievements and Highlights
    2. Results of the National Consultation Workshop (draft VMGO)
    3. Results of the Program Impact evaluation survey
    4. Results of the Corporate Strategy survey
  • Workshops and Roundtable Discussions: Brainstorming, Experience Sharing and other relevant discussions