TVET as a Catalyst to FacilitateTechnopreneurship

17-18/RPMYS |
7-8 October 2017, Malaysia |
Regional Program |

| Introduction |

Technology is opening up a universe of opportunities, unimaginable before. And there is a growing number of talented young business-oriented people to deploy technology to level the playing field for everyone. Fueled by the power of imagination and the changeable nature of a sector that has become a byword for innovation, technopreneurship has transitioned not only from the fantasist but to the mainstream as well. Technopreneurs are riding on the wings of technology all around the globe to reshape, remodel and reinvent the way we live, work, play, learn, communicate, manufacture, name it the possibilities are endless.

Business authorities believe that this century tends to lean heavily towards an economy primarily driven by technology, where individuals have to recognize, envision and predict technology opportunities so as to joining the ranks of future entrepreneurial leaders. Instill an enterprising spirit into business endeavors and the promotion of inventive skills has been implemented as an impetus to promote “technopreneurship”. Individuals with technical skills who are potential entrepreneurs – are often referred to as technological entrepreneurs or “technopreneurs”. Does seeing a blueprint make your imagination run wild with possibilities? Do you push yourself to achieve whole new levels of thinking and innovation to the possibility of making money? That is the spirit of technopreneurship.

Commercialization is a highpoint in Technopreneurship - the seal of transforming technology-based ideas, products and industries into profitable entrepreneurial projects. Commercialization as it concern's technopreneurship involves identifying problems of customers, solving these problems and delivering it to the customers in a desirable format. Thus, a question is brought to the fore: What are the benefits that can be derived from technopreneurship? How can technopreneurship become a vehicle to facilitate prosperity? This program will lead to answers of these questions. The program aims to develop understanding and thoroughness of technology entrepreneurship . It supports engineers and individuals with technical backgrounds who may opt to venture in reinventing industries and markets and/or start their own business. Furthermore, this program acknowledges the importance of intellectual capital that is the intangible value of a business, covering its people (human capital) in growing knowledge economies and create conditions that foster innovation which ultimately has more to do with education more than anything else.

Furthermore, this program aims to further the awareness of the participants on the relevance of technology entrepreneurship education today specially in TVET and the need to redirect a significant critical mass of TVET graduates from wage employment to technopreneurial careers. TVET have the following strengths that can develop advocacy for technopreneurship. TVET train personnel for production processes which directly affect the country’s economy. Additionally, TVET links to the community, private enterprise and public agencies. TVET has existing infrastructure and teaching resources useful for values orientation towards technology entrepreneurship, and it has a reservoir of information that can be useful towards resolving socio-economic problems.

Technopreneurship aims at producing scientists, technical people and engineers who have the ability to create new products, industries, and markets. These human resources are productivity driven, technologically capable and competitive at both the local and global markets. For a nation to emerge as a developed economy, it must fully embrace and deliberately promote technopreneurship. There must be a paradigm shift in our thinking. We must not just study the technology of product and services but we must study the market so as to adapt right technologies and adopt innovative strategies towards meeting the market.

It is with the hope that sharing of ideas will contribute to the body of knowledge on entrepreneurship in a different light, resulting in a change of mindset of the participants to this direction. Moreover, this program will provide an opportunity for the participants to hear about the status of technology entrepreneurship in different country experiences. As a culminating activity, the program has been designed to lodge an international conference that will touch on several topics which is envisioned to enrich one’s understanding of the role and benefits technology entrepreneurship has to offer.

| Objectives |

At the end of the training program, the participants will have a deep understanding how technopreneurial ventures are able to achieve growth and improve local and global competitiveness and direct TVET produce a new breed of human resources for a sustainable technopreneurial workforce. Specifically, the participants will be able to:

  • Describe the profile of a successful technopreneur
  • Develop a mindset that stresses entrepreneurial learning and accepts uncertainty as a reality
  • Discuss how technopreneurs are potential catalysts of development
  • Design plans to imbed in the TVET system a techno-enterprise culture as an overall strategic framework

| Main Contents |

  • Special Lecture: Technopreneurship as a vehicle that facilitates prosperity
  • Theme Paper 1: What is technopreneurship: The Anatomy of a Technopreneur & What does it takes to be a technopreneur?
  • Theme Paper 2: Role of TVET in lifelong career growth & dev,t in technopreneurship
  • Theme Paper 3: TVET Hosting as an Incubation Center and Why It is Important