National Consultation Meeting and Workshop

2017NCW |
13 July 2017, CPSC, Philippines |
Consultation Workshop |

| Background |

The Colombo Plan Staff College for Technician Education (CPSC) is an intergovernmental organization for human resource development (HRD) and a specialized agency of the Colombo Plan. The Colombo Plan which is based in Colombo, Sri Lanka, was set up in the 1950s as the first multilateral effort in foreign aid in the Asia and Pacific Region. It was conceived to promote bilateral aid flow and technical cooperation under coordinated schemes among member countries to ensure better results for the entire region.

CPSC was born on December 5, 1973 when 26 member countries of the Colombo Plan recognized the need for a regional training center to improve technical education and training. The 26 founding member countries of CPSC included Afghanistan, Australia, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Burma (now Myanmar), Canada, Fiji, India, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Khmer Republic (now Cambodia), Republic of Korea, Laos (now Lao PDR), Malaysia, Maldives, Nepal, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States of America and Vietnam.

In 1974, the Government of Singapore (first host country) declared CPSC as an international organization. In 1987, CPSC moved to the Philippines (second host country) at the invitation of the Philippine Government. Since then, the Philippines have been hosting CPSC for the last 23 years.

In a very dynamic and unpredictable world, anticipating for the future requires careful planning and strategy. It is identified to be the organization’s blueprint or map in guiding itself towards the achievement of its goals. It is compared as a “bus” that navigates a road to a destination, with the efficiency and comfort of the journey depending on the bus’ condition before leaving the origin and its maintenance (Onstrategyhq, 2016).

As an intergovernmental regional and international organization on human resources development, CPSC has to continually act as a catalyst of change, proactive and responsive to the needs of its member countries. A forward looking blueprint laid out on the objective analysis of lessons learned from the current five-year corporate plan (CorPlan) that will soon culminate and appropriate consultation with member countries would put CPSC in a strategic position to chart its future and meet the challenging times.

CPSC CorPlan 2018-2023
The CPSC 2018-2023 Corporate Planning Process

The National Consultation meeting cum Workshop on the formulation of CPSC’s Corporate Plan (2018-2023) is the first phase of the multi-step consultative process in drafting the next CPSC CorPlan. At the culmination of the CPSC CorPlan for 2013-2018, the consultative meeting cum workshop is aimed at reviewing the accomplishments of CPSC for the past five years. In addition, it will also focus on the emerging trends, issues and ideas to give direction for the next corporate plan of CPSC. Cognizant of the wealth of experience and wisdom of the diversity of the participation, it is certain that rich ideas will be drawn to help evolve a national point of view of CPSC as an international and regional center on human resources development for technician education and training.

| Objectives |

The participants are expected to:

  • Review the current CPSC Corporate Plan and assess its achievements
  • Be informed about the upcoming trends identified by CPSC and its member countries
  • Formulate a draft vision, mission and strategic goals and objectives for the next CorPlan (2018-2023)

| Participants’ Profile |

The participants of the meeting are key stakeholders and players in human resources development in TVET. The representations cut across various sectors that include planners, administrators, educators, trainers from international, regional and national organizations, representatives from industry based in the host country, Philippines.

| Meeting/Workshop Strategies |

To achieve the objectives set forth, the following strategies will be employed

  • Theme paper presentation on the achievements of the CPSC CorPlan 2013-2018 and the Emerging Trends and Needs in TVET of CPSC member countries
  • Workshops: Brainstorming, experience sharing and discussions