Quality Assurance of TVET Institutions through Accreditation

17-18/ICPIND |
5-9 March 2018, India |
In-Country Program |

| Program Focus |

There is a growing demand for recognition of TVET institutional qualification across borders due to a large number of emerging factor such as increasing economic globalization, significant migration flows, increasing international labor market opportunities for the highly skilled, and the growth in the international trade and services. The development of an effective TVET system is at the heart of all educational reforms as reflected in various initiatives. This In-Country Program aims to provide knowledge on the organized structure for maintaining accreditation as quality assurance mechanism based on quality systems standard of TVET institutions that promote exchange and recognition of standards and criteria across the Asia-Pacific region. There are a number of models in place in different parts of the world, but cooperative regional work is also needed, looking at the diversity in the region. The essence is to provide education and training of quality and encourage all to aspire for excellence. TVET administrators and managers are required to bring innovations in educational policies and processes, and their firm implementations amidst building TVET excellence through a well-structured accreditation system. In India, many TVET institutions are applying accreditation from the Asia Pacific Accreditation and Certification Commission (APACC). This program will be a good platform to learn about the APACC accreditation process and prepare for the necessary requirements.

| Objectives |

Upon completion of the training program, the participant should be able to:

  • Appreciate the need of accreditation and certification of TVET institutions to respond to the demands of the national, regional, and global labor markets
  • Know the significance of the various criteria used for accreditation as a tool for improving the quality of TVET institutions
  • Comprehend the steps involved in the process of APACC accreditation
  • Prepare the documents needed for submission to APACC accreditation

| Key Components |

The main contents of the program are:

  • Special Lectures and Theme Paper Presentations (face to face and online)
  • Interactive Online Course Ubiquitous Real-time System of Education (OnCOURSE)
  • Computer Sessions and Experience Sharing
  • Group Tasks and Discussions
  • Study Visit
  • Project Work and Presentations

| Target Group |

20-30 polytechnic and engineering college teachers, educationalists, and professionals

| Collaborating Partner |

National Institute of Technical Teachers Training and Research – Chennai